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Thoosa from ancient mythology

Thoosa is mentioned in the Odyssey as she was the mother (of the sea god Poseidon) of Cyclops Polyphemus

Her name has been changed to Theoza. represents the godlike superpower of the female nature, the birth giving, the new life, is an act of godlike importance and the potential of a woman go beyond the human and touch godlike hence and so we consider Theoza, a Goddess like all of us who want to be unique and deserves the respect in today's society.


Our Goal

Our company's goal is to encourage women's initiatives. The team of the company consists of dynamic independent women who have their own creative role in the philosophy of our brand.

Our designer, our graphic designer, our pattern maker, our production manager, our sales manager, our social media manager, our web designer, are a few of our many collaborators, Greek women who survive dynamic and independent and disrespect the difficult circumstances of the market. Their capability is a further inspiration for our brand.

Our Philosophy

Theoza started as an idea of ​​the Designer of our Company Marie Louise who, living as an immigrant for the last 16 years, had the passion and inspiration to create a Greek brand that is unique, has no external influence from trends or ' industrial clothing design.


The designer of the company Theoza has already made a long journey working in multinationals such as Asics, Nike and with experience in the design and development of the product. As a natural development, then, came the need to create a collection inspired by the coveted destination, Greece. In addition to the uniqueness of the inspiration, we have focused on a high quality product, both design and construction, with a focus on good quality and fitting.


Our inspiration is the independent woman, feminism, surrealism and art. This inspiration is also the identity of the brand.

Fare ware – Fare sale philosophy

The product is made entirely in Greece and our partners are sufficiently paid for their work, the philosophy of our company requires that there be a fair price at which our partners can ensure not the basic earnings but the fair earnings according to their know-how . The professionalism of our people must be adequately rewarded.

Respectively, our company is committed to the stores that support us and love our philosophy and our product, so that there is no possibility to buy our products from our online store. Our principals does not allow us to compete with our supporters, for this our products will be found exclusively at points of sale.

We are of course available for any question and any support and you can reach us per email or feel free to call us.


We Offer back to society

The philosophy of our company is reciprocal, that is, we reciprocate the support that the consumer gives us and part of the profits we donate every year to different charities, mainly to institutions that support abused women at any stage of their lives, whether to take care of them or in a further stage to help the to go back to their everyday life.

Obviously we are touched and more emotional about the murders that are shocking not only in Greece but in the whole world, our need to offer back to society is even stronger .

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